Teamwork makes the dream work – Liberia 2019

One aspect that makes traveling with a CSI team so wonderful is everyone’s willingness to dig in and do what needs to be done.

Despite being exhausted after a busy first day of surgery, Dr. Eric Moore, Ashley Dingmann, RN and Ethan Moore (pre-med student at Colorado College/Eric’s son) all pitched in after dinner to print and apply labels on multiple pages of 26 charts for tomorrow’s surgeries. It was not necessarily a fun task at the end of the day, but it was an important one nonetheless and was made easier with additional hands.

At least 15 new patients walked in amid all the surgeries today, and Clinical Lead Lora Koppel gave each one her thoughtful review, determining which team member should be consulted and how to proceed. Surgeons collaborated to maximize efficiencies in the ORs. Dr. Janelle Fox gave a urology lecture to a room full of Liberian physicians and nurses. It was a productive first day! 

We are grateful to the many Liberian volunteers who help make this week a success.

Melvin Wonyenene is volunteering for the first time this year. He was encouraged and touched by the surgery CSI performed for his nephew previously. Melvin hit the ground running, and his eager attitude landed him the job of inflating all 47 of the soccer balls our fans donated over the past year. Thank you, Melvin!

Zaccarhas Sinyan is a community health assistant who works for the Liberian government and was trained here at Firestone Duside Hospital. He is volunteering his time with CSI all week at the hospital. Zaccarhas works in rural areas where “there is no health care at all — none.” The most important focuses of his health education efforts are the use of mosquito netting and the importance of hand washing. Zaccarhas, 36, was born in Liberia and “wants to carry the health message to the people of Liberia.”

Miracle is a 1-year-old boy who was our last patient today. His 24-year-old mother brought him in for a hernia repair after seeking care a couple of months ago at a community hospital. She is happy that the care is free because she doesn’t make enough money to afford surgery by selling dried fish in the market. She thanked the CSI doctors and said, “I am praying to God that my son will be well.”

~ Sally Lannin, Logistics Volunteer

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