Defined by our values and dedicated to living by them.


Patient Safety.

Our commitment to safety and high-quality care is what sets us apart and keeps our surgical outcomes high. Our volunteers are all highly trained pediatric specialists in their fields who bring their advanced safety practices and knowledge to mission sites.



We foster self-sufficiency through curriculum-based, hands-on training and education. We work with local surgical teams, doctors and nurses to build a sustainable foundation of essential knowledge and skills that ultimately helps many more children in the future.


Fiscal Responsibility.

Thanks to many generous donors, we are able to offer free pediatric surgical and medical care, purchase supplies, and pay logistics, travel and related costs to support our volunteer surgical teams and their in-country colleagues. We employ two part-time employees in Minnesota, and we are committed to keeping our administrative expenses low.


Compassion and Cultural Sensitivity.

We partner with the local hospital staff to incorporate appropriate cultural practices into our care for children. Surgery can be a scary experience for patients and their families. We understand the importance of honoring local cultural health-care practices and beliefs while helping them to feel safe and secure.


Support for the Communities We Serve.

Community outreach is an integral part of our mission. Where resources allow, we partner with and support local communities to fulfill unmet needs, as well as provide informational resources and additional teaching opportunities.