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Renewed Hope as CSI Concludes 18th Trip to Mexico

By Linda Sedgwick, CSI nurse volunteer

It’s the sweet smiles of children, and the tears of joy, relief and renewed hope in the eyes of fathers, mothers and grandparents that keep our volunteers coming back to Hermosillo, Mexico, year after year. 

The work accomplished by Children’s Surgery International (CSI) volunteers, St. Andrew’s Clinic, Voluntariado CIMA and CIMA Hospital Hermosillo is summed up in the photos of beautiful human beings, striving for a future filled with possibilities. Without the generosity of many, these children would likely not have access to the type of expert care provided. 

CSI volunteers are some of the most respected pediatric surgical professionals in their fields. Our Mexico trip is unique in offering a very comprehensive cleft program, including surgeons specializing in otolaryngology, facial plastic surgery and oral surgery. St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic provides critical, personalized follow-up during the course of the year between our visits and beyond.

Lucina Guadalupe is one of many children who have benefitted from the comprehensive care. She was born with a congenital syndrome that has posed significant challenges for her and her extended family. From birth to age 5, Luciana required several surgeries for heart and digestive problems. 

Luciana Guadalupe was healthy enough for cleft lip repair at age 4 and then palate repair at age 5. She has since been receiving orthodontic care from Dr. Venezia Jordan in Hermosillo. 

CSI volunteer oral surgeon Dr. Dan Sampson was hopeful that at this visit they could perform a bone graft to repair a large fistula/hole in her palate. Because of her complicated medical history, the team needed to improvise – taking tissue from her mouth to repair the fistula. Dr. Sampson and the team will see Luciana next year for a bone graft that will offer a more permanent solution to the recurring fistula. 

The entire team saw what a special girl Luciana Guadalupe is during her stay with us in Hermosillo. We look forward to her enthusiastic smile next year!

It is with great excitement that we have scheduled a second trip to Hermosillo this year, focused on cleft rhinoplasty surgery for teens who are completing the multistep surgical process. 

CSI volunteers consider it an honor to serve the children of the Sonoran state of Mexico and partner with such committed organizations serving their children.