Sightseeing & Orphanage

Today the group split up, one group going to see the historical sights in Monrovia and the other going to a local orphanage.

The first option was to go to Monrovia  to experience the culture and vibe of the downtown area.  On our way into town, we stopped at the beach to put our toes in the sand and dip our feet in the Atlantic.  Once we arrived in the city, many locals and their kids were out at the market selling anything from toilet seat covers to expensive fabrics.  We were able to stop at a collection of art vendors and several of us purchased carvings and paintings from local artists.  Peter was even able to find a helicopter made out of old flip flops.

The second bus picked up Debbie from Orphan Rescue and Relief and headed out of town to go to the Francis Gaskin orphanage.  We were able to play with the kids and had such a great time.  The kids even put on a little show for us, entertaining us with songs and dance numbers.  On our way home we were able to stop at a market as well to purchase souvenirs and other local goods.

We arrived back to the Guest House to a delicious Thai buffet, complete with pad thai, curried chicken and vegetable, and fresh pita bread.

We all went off to bed early to prepare for our busy screening day tomorrow.