Screening Day – Ethiopia, Spring 2019

Today is surgical pre-screening day. The anesthesia team and OR nurses will be setting up our operating rooms while the rest of the team evaluates our patients and schedules surgeries for next week.

Unpacked and read to go!

Screening is a super busy day, especially for our two medical records teammates, as well as the surgeons, pediatricians, and nurses.

Our team saw over 110 kids for screening. People walked as far as 2 days and waited as long as 4 months for this surgical evaluation. The first 10 patients were patients who weren’t big enough or strong enough to endure surgery during CSI’s last visit. The families were grateful and patient; some waiting nearly all day in line to be seen by our ENT and Urology team.

The hardest part of the day was announcing the surgery schedule knowing that not everyone would be able to be on the list. In contrast, the enthusiasm of families learning their child will get life-altering care is reason for celebration – not just for families, but for all of us. We have a busy week ahead – with 55 kids scheduled so far.

We left today feeling grateful and excited for the week ahead knowing the transformation to come will impact patients, families, and medical providers alike.

~ Monica Banach, CRNA & Emily Hall, MD ~ CSI Ethiopia Team Members

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