Safe arrival and settling in – Ethiopia 2017

Our lengthy travels are complete, and we have arrived in Bahir Dar. Our partners from Bahir Dar University and the Felege Hiwot Hospital graciously met us at the airport. After they transported the team to the hotel we had a great lunch, where we met and got to know three of the ENT doctors that we will be working with this week.

Dr. Wudie and her team have prescreened 30 patients, and we expect more to arrive tomorrow on our official screening day. Our surgical focus this week will be on cleft lip and palate surgery and training. But when you get a bunch of surgeons together, they get very excited about the possibility of other cases as well, along with potential learning opportunities!

After our lunch, we had the great privilege to observe the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, or at least a shortened version of the ritual, which typically lasts more than two hours. We all had a chance to enjoy the delicious coffee, served with popcorn at the conclusion of the ritual.

Lastly, we held a short team meeting to strategize and plan for screening day on Saturday. We are very excited to get to work tomorrow!

View our travel photos here.