New Smiles!

We had a splendid surgical day one! We performed 4 primary cleft lip repairs, 7 palate repairs, 4 bone grafts, along with 4 lip revisions and surgeries to improve speech.

This was the full schedule as planned, even though Dr. Fritz’s arrival was delayed until almost noon. His trip took him through Cleveland, Chicago, Tulsa, Dallas and Phoenix. Needless to say, he needed to hit the ground running! Kudos to Dr. Fritz!

Perhaps some of our younger patients would be inclined to disagree, but our team and their parents would say that all went well. After the inevitable crying had subsided, there were many, many smiles along with tears of joy. Some of our little, initially sad, customers are starting to try out their new smiles this morning. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, they will have much more to smile about in the years to come!

On an unrelated note: Hairball Update – – Many of our group went to their concert Saturday night and had an absolute blast! They tried hard to be good and leave early so they could get to bed on time, but when Hairball played Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On a Prayer” the night was extended just a bit. Five star reviews from all, so those of you reading from in the Twin Cities, New Year’s Eve at the Medina Ballroom promises to be a night to remember!