Day 3 in Liberia

Yesterday we had a full day of screening at Duside hospital, and in the evening at dinner many of us felt it had been the most efficient, effective screening ever experienced on a CSI mission trip. What made a difference was having the surgeons positioned at the entrance of the hospital with Dr. Sherman, the local surgeon, who cycled his pre-screened patients to the appropriate surgeon who could make a quick determination whether or not surgery was possible before sending the patient up to get background information, vitals, a photograph and a screen by the pediatrician. We screened a total 109 patients, scheduling 104 for surgery. One woman had walked two days, and then taken a 7 hour car ride in order to get to screening; another walked two days and then took a bus for 4 hours. Dr. Tim Lander screened a number of cleft lips and palates, Dr. Dave Vandersteen a number of urological disorders, Dr. Steve Muehlstedt a number of general surgical issues, and the two pediatricians Dr. Dave Tetzlaff and Dr. Tim Wood screened everyone for surgical readiness. For example, does the patient have a fever, is he underweight, does he seem congested? Every single team member participated in some aspect of screening. Katie Stewart, this year’s CSI Partner, teamed with medical records head Jan Martland to create a chart for everyone and get essential background information. Sally Lannin took before pictures of all patients, Joel Johnson ran logistics which involves just about everything, Mary Johnson and the other OR nurses Jodi Pelkey and Katie Sweet got the operating rooms readied. Lynn Randall and team Mary Randall, Dan Chow, Tammy Skidmore and Mary Dudley unpacked all the drugs and machinery for anesthetizing patients with the help of Dr. Ryan Rekuski, our anesthesiologist. Others including nurses Patience Kankeh, Michele Stewart, Julie Hampton, Lora Koppel, LouAnn Randall and clinical lead Katie Houle either took vitals, floated where needed, escorted patients to and from the lab etc. It was all hands on deck for a very busy 8 hours.

Today members of our team lead trainings for Liberian medical students and other professionals, as well as screened a few additional patients, although we have a very full schedule of surgeries for the next 5 days. Shown in the photos is team member Kristi Holton taking vitals on a patient, as well as a look at the patients waiting hopeful their names will be called, as well as one happy patient.