Big first day! – Hermosillo 2017

After many long hours of travel, the CSI team has all arrived in Hermosillo. We had a very busy day Saturday, screening 126 children at CIMA Hospital. The word has really gotten out about “Rosotros Felices,” and families came from all over the Mexican state of Sonora, many desperately hoping for help for their child.

The words “controlled chaos” get used quite a bit! To the credit of our team, the volunteers from CIMA, and the staff from St. Andrews Clinic, however, the experience was much more “controlled” than “chaos.” At the end of the day, after seeing all 126 kids, the surgery schedule for the week was created: 64 surgeries will be performed on 56 children (a few children need multiple procedures).

You might wonder, “What about all those other kids who won’t get surgery?” While there are always a few children who just aren’t ready for surgery this year, the majority of those not receiving surgery were here so that the CSI surgeons could evaluate their progress and make recommendations for speech therapy or future surgical procedures. This aspect of the mission is very similar to a traditional clinic, and is pretty unique. We are so grateful to see kids year after year and follow their progress!

Ana Karen has undergone eight surgeries since birth, and today at screening was given the joyful news that she has “graduated” from the CSI program. Her mother spoke tearfully about the great care she has received, and how her life has changed so dramatically because of it. Here she is, surrounded by our surgeons. (see Ana Karen in “photos” link below).

Another “graduate” is Perla, who returned for screening day this year as a volunteer and to help with kids. She also came back to say hello to us, and brought us all cupcakes and lots of hugs!

Perla was very young when she first came to St Andrews Children’s Clinic. She had been born with a double cleft lip. Perla was being bullied at school over her appearance, and was shy, scared and withdrawn. Now, years later, she is outgoing, assertive, and smiling all the time. Perla is currently in college and excited about her future! We are so very excited for her, and grateful to all of you who support CSI’s work. making her smile possible!(see Perla in “photos” link below).

We are so grateful to back here with our friends from St. Andrews and from CIMA Hospital, and most of all, surrounded by so many beautiful children whose lives will be changed with surgery. We are in process of completing 20 surgeries today!

Click photos to view some precious images from the first day. Stay tuned to hear more stories of hope and lives changed.