Arriving home with full hearts

As we wait at the airport for our departure from Ethiopia, we reflect on the full and successful week of surgeries. Our team was 22 members strong. The numbers:

  • 118 children evaluated on screening day

  • 50 additional children came throughout the week and were put on our screening list for March 2020

  • 53 surgeries performed – 13 cleft palate repairs, 25 cleft lip repairs, 15 urology cases

  • 2 nursing lectures

  • Daily surgical teaching and collaboration

  • 2 cautery machines and box-loads of medical supplies donated

Our bodies are exhausted, our hearts are full – and we are inspired. Thank you to all of our supporters who make trips like this possible. We sign off with trip reflections from some of our team members.


John Chauss, CRNA:
There are not enough words to describe how beautiful, inspiring and heartbreaking this mission has been. If we had the opportunity to use our gifts to give to this wonderful country every single day for the rest of my life, I would say “yes” unconditionally. 

Theresa Philbin, nurse:
Final day and this child is the perfect example of why We do what we do. With permission from him and his father….

Yihune is now 15 but was 14 when I met them last March. His complex urological problem meant that he had never been “dry.” He was incontinent and large diapers are cost prohibitive as well as difficult to find. He had stopped going to school but was taught at home by his father because he loved learning. In March he had a large surgery on his bladder, and I took care of him for 3 days, said goodbye and hoped.

November screening day Yihune walked in smiling, in a pair of jeans and told me about being in school. He had his second and final surgery. He is one of the many many reasons why CSI does what it does.

Megan Sparks, CSI Executive Director:
Grateful families, outstanding collaboration and so much sharing of information and experiences. We all are learning and growing. Today I was reminded just how kind, patient, loving and open Ethiopians are.

What a day with so many emotions. Overwhelming need – loving families – powerful partnerships – incredible volunteers. We have a full surgery schedule ahead of us, utilizing all the dedication and skill of all our CSI team and Ethiopian colleagues.

Malane Thelen, CRNA:
The last several days have brought such love and fulfillment. Ethiopia and its people are beautiful. To have worked beside such driven, talented and caring professionals who make such a life-changing difference for children has been an incredible honor. Thank you, Children’s Surgery International for the second opportunity of a lifetime.

Zoe Reker, RN:
Today’s theme: Community. A room with eleven beds and many family members/siblings means not a lot of alone time for anybody. Today, families made the most of this by sharing meals, toys, attention to the little ones, communication and even helping with post operative cares. We all gathered around a map … and learned where everyone was from. The natural cameraderie among strangers is heartwarming.

Jessica Driscoll, OR nurse:
I can’t thank Children’s Surgery International and their donors enough for the opportunities I’ve been given to make such a difference in these children’s lives.

Nshimiyimana Emile, CSI volunteer CRNA from Rwanda:
I had three objectives when I decided to join the CSI team:
1. Give my best to help people in need.
2. Learn from your professionals and gain experience in pediatric anesthesia.
3. Travel to Ethiopia.
I have done all three. The people on this mission were motivated, enthusiastic and hard workers. They are all from different places but the came together and do their jobs for the patients.  

Judy Mutuku, OR nurse volunteer from Kenya:
This was my first trip with CSI. I learned so much from the Ethiopia staff and my volunteer teammates. If you ever think about doing something like this, just go ahead and do it! It’s and interesting and rewarding thing to do and a good way to give back to the community. I wondered how it was going to be with people from different places being on a team. Am I going to meet their expectations? Everyone was supportive and involved in the whole process. I never felt alone.

Linda Sedgwick, Team Clinical Leader:
I’m so grateful to be in Ethiopia with CSI! Our awesome team is providing transformational surgical care for so many precious, beautiful children!

The persistence of one strong and loving mother was incredible to witness. Two long days of travel – pregnant and carrying her infant – she arrived at the close of screening day only to find that the surgery schedule was entirely filled. Despite considerable deliberation, the team couldn’t find space to include little Yohannes. Tears were definitely shed. There would be a space held for him on our spring trip. Despite this recommendation mom returned, pleading to be included. Another family didn’t show up, making a space available for this sweetie and everyone went from sadness to smiles!! Mom said she was lucky – we knew it was less about luck and more about her tenacious love for Yohannes.

Welcome home CSI Ethiopia team!

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