Another day in the community ~

We were up early again and off to three community centers to continue our deworming initiative. We treated more than 2,500 children today, working alongside local community leaders and teachers. The children’s teachers were so happy for the care, because the children have no access to health care and many of them have chronic problems with vomiting and diarrhea that keep them from their studies. By giving them this simple and relatively inexpensive oral medication, their chances of improved nutrition, growth and school performance are significantly improved.

To finish off the day, we stopped by Firestone Duside Hospital to check on our equipment and supplies. Everything has arrived safely from the United States, including the 17 bikes that pediatrician Tim Woods’ friends and neighbors donated in Minnesota!

Many families have already started to arrive in and around the hospital. Many travel long distances to see us and arrive well in advance in hopes of gaining access to care. Fortunately, Firestone provides a place for them to sleep while they wait for screening/evaluation day on Sunday. Leon Randall, our biomedical expert, has all the equipment tuned up and ready for surgeries to start on Monday.

We are looking forward to the rest of the CSI team to arrive tonight. Tomorrow the U.S. and German ambassadors to Liberia are coming to meet us for lunch. This is a great opportunity for the ambassadors to see what Firestone does for children in their country and the plans CSI has for life-changing surgeries this week.

These two days have been hard but rewarding work. We would like to express a huge thank you to all the donors at CSI for their support so we can provide care to children in this impoverished community.

See more photos from our busy day here.