And they’re off…Liberia 2017, here we come!

Our Liberia 2017 team are making their way to West Africa today. To say we are excited to return to Liberia and Firestone Duside Hospital to continue our tremendous partnerships and collaborative work, is a bit of an understatement! There are great needs in the country, as they continue to recover from civil war, and most recently, the West African Ebola crisis. We hope our efforts this week will make an impact on individual children, families, and communities.

The full team will assemble Saturday, Jan. 14 to begin their work – a full day of screening, followed by a rest day Sunday, then right back to it – surgeries, education, training and more during the week!

On this trip, our team of 23 includes pediatric urology and ENT surgical teams and support volunteers who will be working closely alongside our Firestone Duside Hospital partners and guests to conduct about 50 surgeries and countless seminars and educational activities to help our partners build their nursing, surgical and anesthesia care skills. Their dedication and passion for touching the lives of children in need, along with their talents as highly skilled pediatric medical and nursing professionals, is remarkable.

A small advance team has been busy the last few days, organizing supplies sent in advance and supplies left behind from our previous trips. The pre-mission visit to the hospital to see our friends – old and new – was like coming home!

Check back for regular Liberia updates, and explore our new website!