Acclimating – Liberia 2019

Today the entire team acclimated to our new environment here in Africa. We enjoyed a lunch presentation from those who live and support health in Liberia, visited an orphanage and shopped in the local market in Harbel. We learned more about the inner workings of the Liberian health organization and the access to health care for the Liberian people.

Our trip to the orphanage gave us the opportunity to see how the children are raised, provide deworming pills and play some games with the children. The children are educated at the orphanage and may advance to the community school when they are ready, while continuing to live in the orphanage.  

At the Harbel market we were pleased to find a seamstress and learned that sewing increases women’s economic state in Liberia.  

Each of today’s activities allowed the team to obtain vital information for our work and build strong relationships.

We are a team of 25 CSI volunteers, plus several key partners from Firestone Natural Rubber here in Liberia. We all ended our day with a team meeting to plan for meeting our patients and families at screening tomorrow.

Rose Andrews, RN