CSI and Liberia

Children’s Surgery International and Liberia – these two things fit together so beautifully. My name is Janet Darden. My husband, Don, is Director of Administrative Operations at Firestone Natural Rubber in Liberia. This is my second year to be a part of the CSI mission.

I’m not planning to write about the Liberian children this year, although their stories are incredibly moving. Instead, let me tell you what I have witnessed in watching the medical and support staff of the CSI Liberia 2018 team.

I see the doctor and nurse who make room for one more surgery in an already overwhelmingly busy OR schedule, often after kneeling in the rocks, outside in the heat, just to listen to a mother describe her child’s health problem.

That same doctor or nurse may lecture and teach for two hours, skipping lunch, just to train their Liberian colleagues. I choke up each time an OR nurse tenderly carries a young patient to the PACU, where he or she is met by the best of the best CSI pediatricians and nurses. And the medical records or logistics staff – well, what can I say? This mission would never happen without them.

Oh, and I love the happy place – the surgical ward – where children continue to heal. CSI and Firestone Medical Center staff dance together with the “soon to be discharged” patients as families sing their thank yous. AMAZING!

Children’s Surgery International, I tip my hat to you! It is my honor and privilege to be a part of this surgical mission and this team.

Enjoy photos from Liberia here. 

Janet Darden, The Sandwich Lady