Surgeries, Education and Children’s New Year Celebration

It has been a very, very busy few days for our Vietnam team and local partners! 51 children were evaluated by our surgical, medical and nursing teams during screening. 25 of those children will have surgery this week. Because of the continuity that we are able to provide with return missions, many of these children are returning for planned surgical follow up.

Today was eventful, and ran smoothly thanks to an incredibly flexible team. Our second CSI urologist, Dr. Alonso Carrasco, arrived this morning. Several surgical cases were completed. The most complicated of the day was a 7 month old infant girl who required a partial kidney removal and surgical repair of the ureter. She came through the procedure like a champ! We are grateful for the many opportunities for education and collaboration.

Tonight we attended a hospital celebration of the mid autumn festival (children’s new year). We were asked to do something special for the hundreds of children and parents who attended. CSI volunteer, Leon Randall accepted the challenge to lead our team in a performance. Our rendition of the classic “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” was a huge hit! The crowd joined in and we had a blast. What a special time to be here working with our partners for the children of Vietnam.