We are an organization defined by our values and sustained by our dedication to living by them.

Patient Safety. We believe our commitment to safety and quality care is what sets us apart and keep our surgical outcomes at 100%. We ensure patient safety by checking and maintaining our equipment, medications and supplies, making sure our medical professionals are qualified and properly licensed, and keeping thorough patient records.

Support for the communities we serve. Community outreach is an integral part of our mission. Where resources allow, we partner with and support local communities with additional donations, informational resources and teaching opportunities.

Education. Education goes both ways and starts the minute we see our first patient. We take time to conduct classes for local medical personnel. Education topics range from practical and routine techniques to specific procedures and protocols. Teaching occurs in the operating room as well as a classroom setting.

Fiscal Responsibility. 90% of the funds we receive goes directly towards our mission trips. We believe the generous donations from our patrons should be used for the direct benefit of the children.

Compassion and Cultural Sensitivity. Surgery can be a scary experience for many of our children. A smile, a hug, even a gentle touch go a long way to make the experience as soothing and comfortable as possible. We also make sure to partner with the local hospital staff and incorporate appropriate cultural practices into our treatment.

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